The GOP in 2016

If Mitt Romney does not defeat Barack Obama in November, there will be a strong group of candidates waiting in the wings to be the 2016 GOP nominee.  According to Nate Cohn at The New Republic, the frontrunners are Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Thune, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haleyand Scott Walker.

Here is a taste:

Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, and Scott Walker are already well positioned to run as reformists willing to make the tough choices to curb the excesses of the welfare state. Christie and Ryan’s commitment to this message was even strong enough to leave many wondering whether their message was consistent with Romney’s more modest case for competent economic management after years of disappointment. There’s no question that Christie’s attitude best embodies the spirit of the reformists, but Walker’s political skills are superb—perhaps the best of anyone on the list—and Ryan’s ascent to national prominence is a tremendous asset. Ryan and Walker are more than conservative enough to appeal to the most ideological wing of the Republican Party while stressing a reformist message with appeal to higher-income, establishment friendly Republicans, and their neighboring-state advantage might help their appeal in Iowa.