What Skills, Knowledge, and Habits of Mind Should History Students Develop Through Their Coursework?

The American Historical Association’s “Tuning Project” has just released what it is calling the “History Discipline Core.”  Here is a description of the document.

The document…represents the AHA Tuning Project’s effort to describe the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind that students develop in history courses and degree programs. We articulate the ways history supports an educated workforce and citizenry and demonstrate that its value goes far beyond narrow professional training. Because we believe that any discussion of teaching and learning history must be faculty driven, we’ve used the expertise of history faculty from nearly 70 different institutions to draft, debate, and revise our ideas. Grounded in the excellent work already done by the AHA and scholars of teaching and learning, we developed this set of core competencies and examples of specific ways students might demonstrate their competence.

The document is meant to be a conversation starter in college and university history departments and throughout the historical community.  It suggests several “Core Competencies” that all undergraduate history students should learn and some suggestions for how those learning outcomes might be achieved.

I am sure I will have more to say about this document at the blog, but in the meantime I encourage you to read it with your students and members of your department.