A Few Random Observations from Last Night’s GOP Convention

  • Sorry Chris Christie, you had your chance to run for president. Didn’t anyone tell you that you were not in Tampa to accept the nomination? 
  • If my Twitter and Facebook feeds are any indication, the incivility and venom of the culture wars are just as much a problem for the Left as for the Right.  Political conventions bring out the worst in people, especially people with access to social media.
  • Anne Romney:  “Tonight I want to talk to you about love.”  Chris Christie (immediately following): “Tonight, we choose respect over love.”  Woops!
  •  When did the Heartland Fox News guy become governor of Ohio?
  • Forget about the unofficial religious test for office, what about the “I had a hardscrabble, working-class life” test for office?  
  •  The Convention tweet of the night comes from Bobby Griffith: “Hofstadter/Lasch 2012.” 
  •  The commentator quote of the night comes from Mark Shields on PBS:  (paraphrased): “In just 30 minutes Americans got to know Chris Christie better than they know Mitt Romney.