History Teachers: What Do You Cut?

Jonathan Rees makes an appearance on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” to discuss the ever growing second half of the United States survey course.  He discusses his frustration in trying to “make it” to September 11, 2001 in his course while at the same time teaching his students historical thinking skills.

Rees makes a great point about the relationship between the Internet and history teaching.  Why focus your survey course on facts when students can find them on Google? 

He also gives a plug to Lendol Calder and “uncoverage.”

Also, you know that you are part of a small and campy historical profession when you recognize the callers to radio talk shows.  Rees’s first caller was my friend Fred Johnson of Hope College, a historian, novelist, and politician.

Finally, check out Rees’s recent article in Inside Higher Ed on technology and the future of professors.

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