Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love

Glenn Beck is at it again.  In case you have not heard, this week begins his “Restoring Love” festival at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas.  It promises to be a long weekend devoted to the celebration of faith, freedom, history, and capitalism.  Here are some highlights:

  • A raffle with a chance to win a Ted Nugent signed calcified moose skull.
  • David Barton will sign his latest book, “The Founders Bible,” give a lecture on the book, and host a “Texas cookout” and a brunch.
  • Free lemonade from “young entrepreneurs.”
  • Eric Metaxas will talk about his book on Bonhoeffer
  • A book signing by Oliver North
  • Messages from Kenneth Copeland, Tony Evans, John Hagee, and James Robison
  • Book signing by David Horowitz
  • Michelle Bachmann will sign her latest book.
  • Beck also promises to “unveil a piece of history that has never been seen before” that will “explain who we are as a nation.

Should be interesting.   Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love

  1. The Metaxas has been running with this crowd for a long time. I am looking forward to Charles Marsh's biography of Bonhoeffer. It should make some very interesting comparisons. Metaxas is coming to Messiah College sometime in the Fall. I will be sure to blog about the appearance.


  2. With Brantley I'm surprised to see Metaxas on the roster as well.

    But it is also interesting to note that High Point Church in Arlington, where “Religious Leadership” presentations will take place, is pastored by Gary and April Simons. Gary is the late John Osteen's son-in-law, and April is of course John's daughter. This means also that April is Joel Osteen's sister.

    Joel is scheduled to preach @ Lakewood this weekend, so it seems unlikely he will be surprise guest @ Beck's event. On the other hand, Glenn Beck showed up to Joel's Night of Hope event in Chicago last summer. He wasn't an event speaker, but Matt Crouch of TBN interviewed him.


  3. I'm disappointed to see Eric Metaxas's name on this list–the others, not so much, but my impression of Metaxas was that he wouldn't endorse Beck's blending of faith and patriotism, freedom, capitalism, etc. Alas.

    And I guess I should quit being surprised, but Barton's “The Founders' Bible leaves me shaking my head again.


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