Sorry I am Going to Miss This: SHEAR 2012 and the DLAR

Tonight the David Library of American Revolution will be hosting a reception at the annual meeting of the Society for the History of the Early Republic (SHEAR) in Baltimore.  At 6:30pm they are asking that all former fellows gather at the DLAR pennant (left) for a group photo.  Since I will not be at SHEAR this year perhaps Meg McSweeney can photoshop me in!

By the way, I would love to get some reports from the SHEAR conference.  If any readers of The Way of Improvement Leads Home want to provide some updates, short posts, or analysis of the conference or a particular session, please send me what you have and we will try to get it up.  I can almost guarantee that more people will read your post than will read your first monograph!

I also recommend that you check out the David Library’s Fall Lecture Series. It features Ray Raphael, Nicole Eustace, Kenneth David, and Jeffrey Pasley.

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