New Issue of Early American Studies is Here

The new issue of Early American Studies is focused on “Anglo-Dutch Revolutions” in early America.  Here is the Table of Contents:
Anglo-Dutch Revolutions
Edited by Nathan Perl-Rosenthal and Evan Haefeli

Introduction: Transnational Connections
Nathan Perl-Rosenthal and Evan Haefeli

‘‘That Abominable Nest of Pirates’’: St. Eustatius and the North Americans,1680–1780
Victor Enthoven

Dutch-Irish Cooperation in the Mid-Eighteenth-Century Wartime Atlantic
Thomas M. Truxes

Did Dutch Smugglers Provoke the Boston Tea Party?
Benjamin L. Carp

A Tale of Three Patriots in a Revolutionary World: Theophile Cazenove, Jacques-Pierre Brissot, and Joel Barlow (1788–1811)
Annie Jourdan

No Extended Sphere: The Batavian Understanding of the American Constitution and the Problem of Faction
Joris Oddens

Conversations with the Classics: Ancient Political Virtue and Two Modern Revolutions
Wyger R. E. Velema