Sunday Nights Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Historians on the health care ruling.  And a nice roundup of commentary.

Anthony Gottlieb reviews Carlin Romano’s,  America the Philosophical

Are fundamentalists “medieval?”

Happy belated birthday to Religion in American History blog

David Reynolds reviews Allen Guelzo’s Fateful Lightning: A New History of the Civil War and Reconstruction

Revising your courses

David Brooks on following Springsteen through Europe

E.J. Dionne on why history matters to liberalism

Documentary: “In God We Teach

Does a president’s religious faith really matter?

Civil religion and the culture wars

Where is the National Association of Evangelicals on the Affordable Care Act? I hope they come out with a statement soon.

Marie Griffiths on what we can learn from UVA

Woodrow Wilson on immigration and the American dream