Can a Businessman Run the Country?

Alec MacGillis of The New Republic thinks that Barack Obama is “not only attacking Romney for the infelicitous particulars of private equity, he is more broadly suggesting that Romney’s background as a businessman–the chief asset Romney is running on-does not necessarily translate into being a good president.”  He quotes from a recent Obama speech in Des Moines, Iowa:

“The main goal of a financial firm like Gov. Romney’s is not to create jobs…. Their main goal is to create wealth for themselves and their investors,” Obama told a crowd of nearly 2000 on the fairgrounds.

“Now that may be the job of someone who’s engaged in corporate buyouts. That’s fine. But that’s not the job of a president. That’s not the president’s job. There may be value for that kind of experience but it’s not in the White House.”

Obama continues in his populist strain.  But will it work?

One thought on “Can a Businessman Run the Country?

  1. Candidate Obama 2008 had next to zero in qualifications for the presidency. Half a term in the US senate and a half-dozen years a s a state senator.

    His Academic record is largely unknown; his work as a “community organizer” was by his own account not very productive.

    The only qualification candidate Obama has in 2012 is his record as president. The election will be a referendum on that record.

    Candidate Romney, as a successful businessman and former governor of Massachusetts, is sufficiently qualified to stand as the not-Obama candidate, and that's the name of this tune.


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