Managing a Digital Humanities Project

As I have written before, some members of the School of Humanities at Messiah College have the spent the academic year exploring the field of digital humanities. We have learned a lot in the process and we have received some good advice along the way from folks like Ryan Cordell, Anthony Grafton, and Jentery Sayers.

As a result of our conversations, the Messiah College history department will begin offering a digital history course in 2013-2014 and will probably be involved in a local digital humanities project somewhere down the road.  I am not sure what my role will be in all of this (I am not very good with computers and programming and such), but I have found our conversations stimulating.

With this in mind, I recently came across a link to a post by Brian Croxall on the “12 Basic Principles of Project Management” in the digital humanities.  Here they are:

1.  Projects are temporary
2.  Decide whether or not the project should happen
3.  Consider risks
4.  Cost, time, and quality are co-dependent.
5.  Know what’s out of bounds.
6.  Develop a plan with clear activities.
7.  When making an assignment, consider people’s interest as much as their skills and experience.
8.  Let the person taking an assignment set the due date.
9.  Use what project management tools work for you.
10. There can only be one.
11.  Set meeting ground rules
12.  Celebrate success.

Read the details here or consider attending the Digital Humanities Winter Institute at the University of Maryland.

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