The Revisionaries

If you followed our 2010 coverage of the Texas School Board’s attempt to change the state history standards to fit the recommendations of David Barton and the late Peter Marshall, you might find this movie interesting.  It was just honored by the Tribecca Film Festival in the category “Best Documentary Feature.”

2 thoughts on “The Revisionaries

  1. John, do they cover the changes that were actually implemented?

    I followed the controversy and found the coverage sensationalistic, concentrating on the bad ideas that were never implemented, and ignoring the sad shape of the politically correct curriculum as it was. [Basically the study of history was subsumed by sociology, the study of “people” and “peoples” rather than the events and currents of history itself.]

    And when the [comparatively tame] changes were actually implemented, the culture warriors like the “Texas Freedom Network” suddenly lost interest in telling the ending to the story, as did the news media.

    I've read the TEKS changes, which includes the strikeouts in the existing curriculum. Here's an outline, and if anyone's actually interested in the changes with strikeouts, I'll try to find them if they are unable to.

    Not terribly scandalous, at least not to us normal people.


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