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Readers of The Way of Improvement Leads Home may recognize the name Cali Pitchel McCullough.  She is the author of our “Dispatches from Graduate School” feature.  I know a lot of you have said that you miss Cali’s weekly updates.  Perhaps she will return to blogging soon.  I know that she has been swamped with finishing her coursework at Arizona State and putting together a fascinating new website, which will launch next Spring, called “History to the People.” (HTTP).  (Cali discusses HTTP in this post).

HTTP now has a landing page and the creators have put out a call for submissions.  I know that Cali and her partner, Brianna Theobold, want to reach high school and undergraduate students.  Here is their mission:

We believe  history is directly relevant to our daily lives and the skills that a historian must cultivate are skills that are demanded in many facets of our lives. Historical inquiry is a journey of exploration and discovery; it is not a simple matter of memorizing facts and figures, and history should be accessible to all, especially the twenty-first century learner.

History to the People is a website that provides academically produced information on American history to a popular audience, with a particular goal of attracting high school and undergraduate students. The site will provide accessible and engaging entries on key historical events, themes, and questions and will also experiment with creative ways of presenting historical information, such as videos, podcasts, and interactive infographics.

I am thrilled to see two doctoral students in American history thinking creatively about how to reach a larger public with the importance of historical thinking. We need more of this.  I hope that you will consider contributing to History to the People, contacting Cali about your ideas, donating money to keep Cali and Brianna going, or simply “liking” their Facebook page.

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