Christian Right Backs Romney.–Of Course

Why is this such a major news story?  Did anyone expect the members of the Christian Right to turn their backs on Mitt Romney now that he is the only candidate still standing?  The Christian Right’s desire to remove Barack Obama from office is stronger than its concern over Romney’s Mormonism. Conservative Christians will gladly vote for the leader of a “cult” over a self-professed Christian.

Unless Barack Obama decides to bring up Romney’s Mormonism, it does not appear that religion will play a significant factor in this year’s presidential election.  The Romney camp must be rejoicing.  The anti-Mormon lobby (or at least most of them) will be voting for him in November.

Even Robert Jeffress, the Dallas mega-church pastor who said that no Christian should ever support a non-Christian (especially a member of a “cult”) for president, has endorsed Romney.

But here is my question:  What is Jeffress doing endorsing candidates in the first place? So many of these Christian Right pastors (and I am sure pastors on the left do the same thing) believe that they are somehow King-makers.  They all believe that they can advance the kingdom of God through politics. Why doesn’t Jeffress (and all clergymen) just stop the political endorsements and devote more time to the care of his flock?  He needs to read James Davison Hunter’s book, To Change the World.