On the Road in March and April 2012

As I noted in a post yesterday, I am on Spring Break.  This means that when I return to the office on Monday I will be starting the headlong rush toward the end of the semester.  Part of that rush will be a few speaking engagements and other events.  Let me know if you will be anywhere close to any of these places, perhaps he we can grab a coffee.

March 21:  Lecturing at Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL on Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?

April 14: Was America Founded as a Christian Nation will be the topic of discussion at the Cushwa Center Seminar in American Religion at Notre Dame.  Mark Noll and Lauren Winner will be commenting.

April 16:  I will be doing a talk on Christianity and the Civil War at the North Jersey Civil War Roundtable meeting in Morristown, NJ.

April 21-22:  I will be in Chicago for the board meeting of the Lilly Fellows Program in Arts and Humanities.

April 29:  Just added!  I will be speaking on Was America Founded as a Christian Nation at the Goochland Historical Society in Goochland, VA.

Click here to see my entire speaking schedule or to book a lecture, discussion or talk.  If you have an idea for an engagement let me know.

2 thoughts on “On the Road in March and April 2012

  1. Dave: I will look into this. I am not sure. It is usually a pretty academic crowd, mostly sitting around a huge seminar table, but I am sure others are invited as well. I know that Doug Sweeney from TEDS often brings a group with him.


  2. Hey John! Cherry and I would be interested in trying to make that seminar at Notre Dame. Or if that didn't work, perhaps we could connect the following weekend. Does one need reservations or tickets for the ND seminar? The web announcement is a little skimpy on details…


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