The New Volume of "Early American Studies" is Here!

An Interdisciplinary Journal
Vol. 10, No. 1 (Winter 2012)
“From the Editor”
Elaine Forman Crane
“Stillbirth and Sensibility: The Case of Abigail and John Adams”
G. J. Barker-Benfield
“Margaret Bayard Smith’s 1809 Journey to Monticello and Montpelier: The Politics of Performance in the Early Republic”
Catherine Allgor
“American Slavery, American Freedom, American Catholicism”
Maura Jane Farrelly
“To Beget a Tame Breed of People: Sex, Marriage, Adultery, and Indigenous North American Women”
Felicity Donohoe
“‘Those Sounds That Had Obtained a Command’: Voice, Power, and Submission in Cooper’s Sea Fiction”
Bryan Sinche
“Provincial Nationalism: Civic Rivalry in Postrevolutionary American Magazines”
Robb K. Haberman
“Thomas Hooker and His May 1638 Sermon”
Michael Besso