Historiann on Reeancting

In yesterday’s “Sunday Night Odds and Ends,” I linked to an interesting article on French and Indian War reenacting written by Nick Kowalczyk and published at Salon.  Kowalczyk takes a Tony Horwitz (Confederates in the Attic) approach to writing about reenacting.  He “embeds” himself in a group reenacting the Seige of Fort Niagara and offers a journalistic take on what transpires.

This article also caught the attention of Historiann, who has offered some very interesting insights into the whole practice of historical reenacting.  Here is a taste:

In Kowalczk’s telling, reenactors really are different from you and me, but does that explain the popularity of reenacting?  Some enthusiasts might make it their whole lives, but it strikes me that the desire to live in the past (if only on weekends and special occasions) is a wish more widespread among white men in particular than among others.  Something that I and others have observed before is that only some Americans romanticize the past, because the rest of us recognize how much more awful our lives would have been (holding race and gender constant). 

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