Glenn Beck is the New "Parson" Mason Locke Weems

In case you have not heard, Glenn Beck has a new book out: Being George Washington: The Indispensable Man as You’ve Never Seen Him.  It currently sits at #11 on the ever-shifting Amazon list of best sellers.  The book is about George Washington, but Beck is featured prominently on the cover with a small bust of Washington in the background. Interesting.

I am not sure if I will ever read this book, especially after reading Biola University’s John Mark Reynolds blow-by-blow and very thorough review at his blog. Reynolds concludes that the book is hagiography and not history, but it does offer a fair assessment of Washington’s character. This leads Reynolds to wonder if Beck had a ghostwriter.  Reynolds likes the book, but does not hold back his criticisms.

Here is a small taste of Reynolds’s rambling “live” review of the book:

Give Beck credit for pointing out that the evidence of Washington in prayer in a grove at Valley Forge is sketchy and extra credit for a Washington quote thanking the great “Author” for Divine aid there. The image of Washington at prayer is true to his attitudes, even if he did not kneel in a literal grove.

The truth of the story matters. We should get it right, but some “skeptics” miss the point of the myth (if myth it was). Washington prayed and thanked Providence for victory. Such humility can be faked, but Washington’s cautious use of power is evidence it was not.

Beck is on a whirlwind book tour which will be making a stop tomorrow (4:30pm) at the Camp Hill Barnes & Noble, located less than ten minutes from my house.  In fact, last Spring I did a book talk there for Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?  About ten people showed up.  They are expecting thousands tomorrow.

So what do you think faithful readers of The Way of Improvement Leads Home?  Should I go to Barnes & Noble tomorrow and give Beck a copy of Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? :-).

4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck is the New "Parson" Mason Locke Weems

  1. I hate to disappoint, but I actually have a dinner with first-year history majors tonight that conflicts with the Beck signing. Sorry folks.

    Anyone in the Harrisburg-PA area who wants to go in my place. I will give you a free copy of *Was America Founded* to present to Beck!


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