Springsteen’s "Legendary" 3-Hour Concert This Weekend

I wish I were there. 

Springsteen played a three hour and 20 minute show on Friday night in Pittsburgh.  And the guy is 62 years old!

Here is a taste of Stan Goldstein’s report on the playlist:

When Bruce Springsteen said “I haven’t played this one on the (acoustic) guitar before” and then played his 1973 classic “Incident on 57th Street” for his second song of Friday night’s show in Pittsburgh, fans at the Soldiers and Sailors Hall had a feeling it was going to be one of those legendary nights. And yes indeed it was.

Springsteen is joined onstage by a group of happy fans at his Friday, Nov. 4 show in Pittsburgh with Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers.  
Bruce, along with Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers, played an incredible three-hour-and-20 minute show with 33 songs,  that had the 62-year-old Springsteen playing the role of the Energizer Bunny and not wanting to leave the stage.

Many of the fans I talked to after the show were just buzzing at what an evening it was and has us all looking forward to a 2012 tour..

Springsteen’s first appearance of the night was again with the opening act The Composure when he played “Dancing In the Dark” for the band’s finale.

Show began at 8:37 p.m. with Bruce on the acoustic guitar.

“Good evening. Round Two Pittsburgh!” said Bruce wearing a black-and white checkered shirt.

1. Your Own Worst Enemy (solo acoustic guitar)

2. Incident on 57th Street (solo acoustic guitar)

Bruce said this was a request from Joe Grushecky and that he had “never played it on (acoustic guitar) before.”

Just an incredible version. Beautifully done. The crowd was singing along on the “Those romantic young boys” and “Good night, it’s all right Jane” parts.

“Good call Joe Grushecky,” Bruce said at the end of the song. The sold-out crowd couldn’t agree more.

3. I’ll Work for Your Love (solo acoustic guitar)

Before the song, Bruce was saying that people had flown to Pittsburgh from “the four corners of the world. Just like people from the four corners of the world come to Asbury Park. They’re all in Pittsburgh. I’ve seen fans from Sweden, Italy and Spain.”

Bruce then asked who was from Pittsburgh (a lot of applause) and who was from New Jersey (seemed like even more applause). “Whether Pittsburgh or New Jersey, I have a crazy obligation. Here’s to all of you who made the journey.”

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I think Bruce is ready to hit the road again!  When he does, I hope to be there for multiple shows.  I hope he makes stops in Hershey, State College, or Baltimore, but Philly will be fine.