Birmingham: Day Two

It was a long, but good, day in Birmingham.  The Lilly Fellows National Network Board finished its work this morning and the National Network Conference commenced this afternoon.

Tonight’s keynote speaker  was Charles Marsh, a religious studies professor at University of Virginia and director of UVA’s Lived Theology Program.

Marsh’s lecture focused on Dietrich Bonhoeffer as a model of scholarly activism. He is writing a biography of Bonhoeffer (to be published soon with Knopf) that will be quite different from the one published last year by Eric Metaxas. (Marsh had little positive to say about the work of Metaxas). The talk has raised a lot of discussion and I hope I will get a chance to blog more about it later.  Stay tuned.

Following Marsh’s lecture the conference attendees boarded buses for the Birmingham Museum of Art where we enjoyed a buffet dinner and met in discussion groups to reflect on Marsh’s lecture. 

Another full day of lectures and discussions are scheduled for tomorrow.