Fall Issue of Early American Studies

Here is the table of contents. Abstracts are available here.

Winney Grimshaw, a Virginia Slave, and Her Family
Richard S. Dunn
The Wheatleyan Moment
David Waldstreicher

Antislavery in Print: The Germantown Protest, the “Exhortation,” and the Seventeenth-Century Quaker Debate on Slavery Katharine Gerbner

A Key into The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution: Roger Williams, the Pequot War, and the Origins of Toleration in America Jessica R. Stern

“I Speak It Well”: Language, Cultural Understanding, and the End of a Missionary Middle Ground in Illinois Country, 1673-1712 Robert Michael Morrissey

To Vie with One against Another: Race and Demand for Nonelite White Education in an Eighteenth-Century Colonial Society James O’Neil Spady

Rattlesnakes in the Garden: The Fascinating Serpents of the Early, Edenic Republic
Zachary McLeod Hutchins

Visualizing Early American Art Audiences: The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Allston’s Dead Man Restored Yvette R. Piggush

Incommensurate Equivalences: Genre, Representation, and Equity in Clara Howard and Jane Talbot Erica Burleigh

The First Gerrymander? Patrick Henry, James Madison, James Monroe, and Virginia’s 1788 Congressional Districting Thomas Rogers Hunter