Is it Possible to Teach the Protestant Reformation and the New England Puritans on Two Hours Sleep?

I will be able to answer that question soon.

Tomorrow morning I will be with teachers from San Bernardino, CA Public Schools for  a two-day Gilder-Lehrman/Teaching American History seminar on religion and the Enlightenment in early America.  I will be lecturing on the Reformation and the Puritans tomorrow, and the Enlightenment and First Great Awakening on Friday.

Here’s the catch.  My flight from Harrisburg to Detroit was delayed, causing me to miss my connecting flight to LAX.  (Don’t ask why I am not flying into Ontario or John Wayne–it is a long story).  I am now on the 9:45 flight to LAX, which means I will arrive in Los Angeles at about midnight (3am eastern time).  Then I have about a 90 minute ride to my hotel.  Tomorrow’s seminar starts at 9am (pacific time).  I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep much anyways because of my Sleep Apnea, that’s why I’m looking for a treatment now.

I hear the plane has WIFI so maybe I will just blog through the night!

This should be fun.