Colonial Williamsburg Connect

The good folks at Colonial Williamsburg have started a new web project and online learning site called “Colonial Williamsburg Connect.”  This looks like it will be a great resource for teachers at all levels.

Here is a short description of the project:

Connect invites you to take part in the ongoing debate over the duties of citizenship and the promise of democracy. America is an idea, and debate is at its core.

Weekly questions probe the issues facing modern citizens, while traditional and multimedia resources provide background for an informed dialogue.

Visit often to see what’s new, and to add your voice to the discussion.

Together, we’ll examine current conflicts for their connections to the historic struggle for balance among freedom and equality, unity and diversity, law and ethics, private wealth and common wealth.

Colonial Williamsburg has come a long way.  They have moved away from the “consensus” narrative that has been at the heart of their interpretation of early America for decades and are now engaging in a “conflict” narrative centered around competing narratives of American life.