9 thoughts on “How Many of You are Working Today?

  1. Oral tradition here says that we do not have Labor Day off because since we start a week or two before it, giving the day off would result in too many first-year students staying home and not coming back. Christian-college-as-traumatic, apparently.

    And, “we” are Reformed. We do not have to do what “the world” does … More important, “we” are Dutch. We work. That's what God's covenanted people do.


  2. Same thing at Messiah, Doug.

    This morning I have been thinking about Messiah's approach to Labor Day from both a theological and historical angle. Theologically, we are a school rooted in Anabaptism, a Christian tradition with a fondness for social justice. It would seem that an Anabaptist school would want to honor working men and women in the tradition of the social activism and respect for worker's dignity that drove the earliest celebrations of Labor Day.

    On the other hand, Anabaptists are suspect of the nation–including national holidays.

    Of course Messiah College is also an educational institution. Perhaps we have class on Labor Day because it works best for the academic calendar.


  3. So far as Northwestern goes, we are consistent. Each semester (16 weeks) has one mid-term break and one Christian holiday: Thanksgiving in fall, Easter in spring. No other holidays, ever.


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