Fundamentalism and Class

Janine Giordano Drake, a graduate student at the University of Illinois and a reader of this blog, is working on a fascinating dissertation entitled “Between Religion and Politics: The Working Class Religious Left, 1886-1936.”

In this video (unfortunately the video cuts off after only 10 minutes of what I assume was about a 20 minute talk), Drake presents some of her research on fundamentalism, class, and labor at the annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association.  Drake shows how fundamentalists drew on the organizational tactics of the Labor Temple to get working class people to attend their churches.

Addendum:  Janine’s paper is part of a larger session on  “Religion and Politics” that includes presentations on Catholics and Jimmy Carter (Larry McAndrews), Mormons and race (Elise Boxer), fundamentalism during the Great Depresssion (Christopher Schlect), and postwar evangelical Methodism (W. Andrew Tooley).