Most Popular Posts of the Week

Here are the ten most visited posts this week at The Way of Improvement Leads Home.

1.  A Little History Humor (May 2011).
2.  Brian Williams Eulogizes Clarence Clemons (June 2011).
3.  The Top Ten Most Religious Cities in America (November 2010).
4.  Why We Still Need Books (June 2011).
5.  Richard Beeman on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (May 2011).
6.  God and the Declaration of Independence (December 2009).
7.  Michael Gerson on Herman Cain’s Religious Test for Muslims (June 2011).
8. What Might a Non-Progressive History of Western Civilization Look Like? (June 2011).
9. Jonathan Rees: “I am an online education Quaker.” (June 2011).
10. How to Go From an Evangelical to a Catholic in 95 Easy Steps (June 2011).

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