Discover George Washington at the National Constitution Center

Last week the National Constitution Center opened the doors on its new exhibit, “Discover the Real George Washington.”  You can “walk through” the exhibit here.   And the kids (12 and under) get to go for free!  Here is a taste of the press release:

The “Father of Our Country” led us to victory in the American Revolution, chaired the Constitutional Convention, and served as our first president – all in the Philadelphia region. This summer, George Washington will return to Philadelphia in the new feature exhibition, Discover the Real George Washington: New Views from Mount Vernon at the National Constitution Center.

Mount Vernon’s world-class collection provides a new and refreshing perspective on Washington, his achievements, legacies, family, intellectual pursuits, and entrepreneurial ventures. Full-scale figures of Washington, architectural models, decorative and fine art items, maps, manuscripts, and paintings reveal his personal side and uncover his roles as an entrepreneur, farmer, and businessman.

Beyond the Center’s exhibition, organizations across the Philadelphia region are coming together to make the “Summer of Washington” a can’t-miss experience. A special “Summer of Washington” map and a dynamic mobile application will lead visitors to sites offering a myriad of options for Washington fans of all ages.
And while you are in Philly, don’t forget to check out The President’s House.

After you visit the Washington exhibit, come back to the Constitution Center in 2012 to see an exhibit based on the life of another famous American.