The Beast of Boston Harbor

Boston 1775 is running a post today on this 1770s engraving.  It is entitled “British Troops Barricade Boston Harbor Against the Beast from the Unknown.” I believe it is a doctored version of the original.

You can buy a copy for $20.00 through Etsy.  Here is the description:

A handsome 11 x 17 print that is suitable for framing. Comes with this description: “European artist Franz Xaver Habermann created this engraving sometime in the early 1770s. It shows the early days of Boston Harbor and is designed to emulate the feel of a typical European city and create sympathy for the colonies. Adding to a viewer’s feelings of empathy is the appearance of the Beast of Boston Harbor, who regularly ravaged the residents of the town. The Beast was eventually dispatched with the dumping of hundreds of pounds of tea into the harbor by intrepid citizens who correctly surmised that the bitterness of the leaves would drive the creature away. Unfortunately this “Tea Party” was seen as a revolutionary act by the British troops, which led to some degree of unpleasantness.”

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