1719 Comments and Counting…

A war is going on over at AOLNews concerning my op-ed about the religious beliefs of George Washington.  I never knew so many people could be so deeply invested in the question of whether or not Washington was a Christian.  Frankly, I think Washington would be absolutely shocked to learn that so many commentators and pundits are interested in his religious beliefs.

The powers-that-be at AOLNews have asked me to write an addendum to the piece responding to some of the commentators.  I wrote something up last night, but I have not heard if they are going to run it. 

My inbox is full with e-mails–most of them by self-identified members of the Christian Right who are critical of the piece.

Here is my favorite e-mail:

Dear Brother Fea;
This book has already been written.  Thoroughly researched and documented, Peter Marshall (Jr) and David Manuel convincingly proved the settling and founding of America to be the Divine hand of God to create a nation where Jesus Christ could be worshipped and preached to all the world, in their book “The Light and the Glory”. 

For those unfamiliar, The Light and the Glory is an extremely popular book of providential history that has done more in recent years to promote the idea that America was a Christian nation than other book. I discuss this book in Was America Founded as a Christian Nation: A Historical Introduction (now available at all booksellers and available here at 60% off!).  You can also get a quick glimpse of what I think about it here.  I also pick up some of these themes about providential history in today’s Patheos column.

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