San Jose Sharks Visit the National Archives

What did the San Jose Sharks do on a day off in Washington D.C.?  They visited the National Archives.

Here is a taste from the Washington Post:

…because the Sharks were gifted with a rare free day in Washington before Tuesday’s game against the Caps, they decided on a behind-the-scenes tour of the National Archives. About half the players, along with some coaches and trainers, perused the Charters of Freedom in the Rotunda and then were ushered into a private room where archivists had placed items they thought might interest them.

In other words: as much stuff about Canada as they could find.

Waiting for them was the archivist, David Ferriero. The archivist grew up in Massachusetts, where boys are required to know how to play hockey, “although I wouldn’t call what I did playing hockey,” he confessed. His second cousin, Benn Ferriero, plays for the Sharks and had set up the tour three months ago. But the sports gods are nothing if not fickle, and on Sunday night, Benn was sent to the team’s minor-league franchise in Worcester, Mass.

“You’d think they could have waited a day,” the archivist muttered.