For the Whole of Creation

This weekend I just received my copy of For the Whole of Creation: Christianity and Scholarship in the Public Square, the Guild, and the Church, ed. John Steven Paul and James Paul Old (Valparaiso University Press, 2010).

If you are interested in church-related higher education this may be a book worth reading.  (I am not sure how to order a copy.  Perhaps the best way to obtain one is to contact the Lilly Fellows Program at Valparaiso University–

The book includes sections on “The Christian Academic and the Public Square,” “The Christian Academic and the Academic Guild,” and the “Christian Academic and the Church.”

Here is the table of contents:

Foreword: Joe Creech

Tal Howard, “On Plausability, Post-Secularism, and Evangelicalism.”

Jeffrey Zalar, “The Roots of Public Virtue in Christian Intellectual Practice.”

Colleen Seguin, “Classrooms as Public Spaces.”

Paul Harvey, “Exile from Valpo: On Being a Religious Scholar in the Historical Guild at the Public University Amidst a Charged Atmosphere of Religion, Politics, and War.”

Maria LaMonaca: “My Teaching Load is None of Your Business, and Don’t Steal My Desk: Seeking an Identity Among Academic Guilds.”

Heath White: “The Profession is the World: Some Thoughts on Being in the Guild But Not of It.”

J. Michael Utzinger, “Faith That Kills?: Reflections on Religion after 9/11.”

Kathleen Sprows Cummings, “Have Women Souls?: The Council of Macon and the Dilemma of a Catholic Feminist Scholar.”

Martha Greene Eads, “The Professor in the Parish: Beyong Gourmet Coffee and High-Quality Handouts.”

John Fea, “Worshipping with ‘Christian America’: A Historian’s Search for a Spiritual Home in Mainstream Evangelicalism.”

Scott Huelin: “Dual Citizenship: The Politics of Belonging to Church and Academy.”

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