A History of the Book in America

Check out the most recent Books and Culture podcast by Stan Guthrie and John Wilson. This podcast focuses on the completion of the five-volume History of the Book in America, edited by David D. Hall. Volume 2 (the last volume to be published) has just appeared. It deals with the early national period and includes introductory essays by co-editors Mary Kelley and Robert Gross. It also includes essays by Richard D. Brown (on print culture in the wake of the American Revolution), James Green (on the history of the rise of book publishing), Scott Casper (on Harper & Brothers), John Brooke (on print and politics), David Paul Nord (on religion and print), David Shields (on “the learned world”), and A.G. Roeber (on German writers and readers).

Wilson ends the podcast with some good insights into the relationship between the study of history and Christian faith.