My Spouse Doesn’t Think I Am Working

If you are an intellectual, professor, or scholar who believes that you are constantly working, but your spouse or significant other does not think that reading the newspaper or surfing the web (or blogging!) counts as work, then you need to read Tom Moriarity’s essay in yesterday’s Inside Higher Ed.

Here is a snippet:

Like most academics, I live the life of the mind, and wherever I go, my mind is there too: sifting through half-baked ideas; ruminating on the latest developments in my field; wondering if my 7-iron will take that tree out of play.

Unfortunately, my wife, Loren, doesn’t buy into this life of the mind thing, at least not completely. Sure, she understands that my job at the local college helps pay the bills, and she also understands that part of the job requires me to come up with ideas and write articles and books. But she has always been suspicious of my definition of work, and whether what I routinely call work should be considered working at all.

Read the rest here. I don’t think I could put it any better.