What Evangelicals Really Think of Glenn Beck

Time‘s Elizabeth Dias writes that not all evangelicals are on the Glenn Beck bandwagon. Here is a taste:

Leith Anderson, the President of the National Association of Evangelicals, told TIME that Saturday was no watershed moment harnessing evangelical power under a new conservative leader: “I think it was one more Washington rally.” David Neff, editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, said evangelicals are wary of partnering with a vague God of civil religion or Mormonism: “Neither one of those is specifically the same God that evangelicals believe is true and worship.” And as Amy pointed out earlier this week, Russell Moore, Dean of the School of theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, nailed the rally as a scandal and called pastors to teach their churches “[…] to know the difference between the kingdom of God and the latest political whim.”

Despite Beck’s proclamations that the rally had no political agenda, portraying the Constitution or Declaration as common “sacred texts” immediately lands him in an evangelical political-theology minefield, where evangelicals debate whether their allegiance stands first with the flag or the Eucharist table. Anderson cautions that faith in God—not politics or morals—has the highest place for evangelicals. “The attempt to elevate political and other persuasions to anything close to the level of the importance of the Bible or faith in Jesus Christ is to deeply misunderstand evangelical faith and truth, and a lot of people [read: Beck] try to do that,” he says.

2 thoughts on “What Evangelicals Really Think of Glenn Beck

  1. Oh, I don't trust TIME on religion. This was an already-written story, and it's predictable to go to “establishment” evangelicals like the NEA and CT for support.

    Russell Moore is interesting, though, from the fideist right. I read his blog on this awhile back on this and if TIME weren't using against Beck, they'd probably be attacking Moore for his anti-ecumenical intolerance.

    BTW, this made me curious about the president's approval level among white evangelicals.

    19%, and that was back in July. Now THAT'S news, and dollars to donuts TIME doesn't report that anywhere.



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