Corinthian Matters

My colleague David Pettegrew has started a fascinating new blog/website called “Corinthian Matters.” David is a historian and archaeologist of the ancient city of Corinth. As he puts it in his introductory post:

Presumably you’ve stumbled on this site because you have some interest in things Corinthian. The Corinth canal. Modern archaeology. Or St. Paul and his problematic Christan community.

There’s a good share of Corinthiaka already online in websites on archaeological projects, travel and vacation blogs, and discussions of Pauline epistles. I hope to give some attention here to these. There’s a good deal more Corinthian history and archaeology that is being slowly filtered through academic channels of journals, conferences, dissertations, and books. Such stuff, I figure, could be useful for individuals interested in the classical or Christian history of Corinth.

If you are interested in the ancient world or the New Testament you need to bookmark David’s blog. It is filled with all kinds of interesting information about the city of Corinth.