Peter Lawler on Glenn Beck

Here is Peter Lawler’s take on Glenn Beck. From Postmodern Conservative:

Someone has asked why I haven’t made GLENN BECK a strange and stupid conservative trend. Well, for one thing, Glenn is strange but not stupid. (Sarah Palin is not even particularly strange and not stupid–although still fairly ignorant and inexperienced [and remarkably savvy].) Do I think Glenn is the great founder of some civic theological, libertarian, Founderistic, anti-Progressive movement to restore America’s honor, trust, treasure, etc.? No. Do I think DIVINE PROVIDENCE guided him to choose the day on which to hold his rally? No. Do I think it’s a great idea to attempt to refocus the inspiration of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement away from the injustices done to African-Americans and toward the oppression we all suffer from a century of Progressive dominance? No. Do I think Glenn exaggerates–sometimes in a creepy way–the conspiratorial evildoing of President Obama, Progressives, liberals, and people who use “social justice” in a sentence. Yes. Do I think the New Deal was basically unconstitutional? No. Can I stand to watch his show? No. Do I think I’m better than him because I’m a refined postmodern conservative who’s completely ineffectual? No. Do I share many of the concerns of many of his followers? Yes. Do I think refined and religious conservatives should stop whining about him and realize he’s filling a vacuum created by the absence of better conservative popular leadership. Yes. Do I know how many people really showed up for his rally? No. Do I care? No. Do I think the mainstream media is lowballing the number? Yes.

I think I agree with all of this. Does this make me a “postmodern conservative?”

3 thoughts on “Peter Lawler on Glenn Beck

  1. Ooooh, let me. John, I'll create a list of a bunch of things you agree with and then slip in “because I'm a refined postmodern libertarian.”

    Just like that, you'll be one of the elect. (-;


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