New McNeil Center Fellows

Here is the new crop of fellows who will soon be making their way to the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at Penn. I wish them all a good year of research and writing.

Caitlin Fitz (Yale) “Our Sister Republics: The United States in an Age of American Revolutions.” (Barra Postdoctoral Fellow)

Cheryl R. Collins (Virginia) “Sister States, Coalition Commonwealths: The American Interstate System, 1775-1790.” (Bruce Baky Valley Forge Fellow)

Matthew Karp (Penn) “‘This Vast Southern Empire’: The South and the Foreign Policy of Slavery, 1833-1865.” (Marguerite Bartlett Hamer Fellow),

Nicole N. Ivy (Yale and The Center for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology) “Materia Medica: Black Women, White Doctors, and Spectacular Gynecology in the Nineteenth-Century U.S.” (Richard S. Dunn Fellow)

Jayne Ptolemy (Yale) “‘To Extend the Empire of Civilization and Knowledge: Philadelphian Quakers and the Frontier in the Benevolent Imagination.” (E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Fellow in Early American Religious Studies)

Michael Goode (Illinois-Chicago) “In the Kingdom but Not Of It: The Quaker Peace Testimony and Atlantic Pennsylvania, 1681-1720.” (Friends of the MCEAS Fellow)

Felicity Donohoe (University of Glasgow) “Native North American Women, White Men, and Ritual Violence in the Eighteenth Century.” (Advisory Council Fellowship)

Katherine Gaudet (Chicago) “Fear of Fiction: Novels and Their Antagonists in Eighteenth-Century America,” (Mellon Fellow in Early American Literature and Material Texts)

Joseph Rezek “Tales from Elsewhere: Fiction and Literary Ambition in the Anglophone Periphery.” (Barra Post-Doctoral Fellowship)

Alea Henle (Connecticut) “Preserving the Past, Making History: Historical Societies and Editors in the Early Republic.” (Mellon Early American Literature and Material Texts Fellow).

Whitney A. Martinko, “Progress through Preservation: History on the American Landscape in an Age of Improvement.” (Barra Foundation Fellow)

Simon Gilhooley (Cornell) “The Textuality of the Constitution and the Origins of Original Intent. ” (Barra Dissertation Fellow)

Robert J. Gamble (Johns Hopkins) “A Secondhand Republic: The Informal Economy in the Antebellum Mid-Atlantic.” (MCEAS Consortium Fellow)

MCEAS Consortium Summer Faculty Fellows: Brooke Hunter (Rider) and Tanya Kevorkian (Millersville University).