Richard Rodriguez at Kenyon College

Richard Rodriguez is one of my favorite writers. I know his views on Affirmative Action and bilingual education are controversial, but these are not the reasons why I like him. (Although I do think he gives us a lot to think about on both of these issues). I have been a Richard Rodriguez fan ever since I read Hunger of Memory. This book put into words what I have always felt as a first-generation college student from a lower-middle class background–the exhilaration of learning and ambition and the sense of loss that comes with it. His chapter on Roman Catholicism is one of the best pieces of religious writing I have ever read. Since I assign this book in my Immigrant America course, I have had the privilege of reading it many times. We are currently in the midst of discussing it in that class.

I recently learned, thanks to John Wilson at Books and Culture, that Rodriguez spoke at the Calvin College Festival of Faith & Writing. I hope that his talk might appear on-line at some point.

If you are a Rodriguez fan and could not be at Calvin College last week, I would encourage you to listen to this 2003 commencement address that he delivered at Kenyon College in Ohio. It is outstanding and inspirational. It is only about 20 minutes long.

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  1. I have this one on the Kindle, and it translates well. Footnotes, TOC work fine. But most of all, it's the text and the mechanics. This is a classic in the San Francisco community college arena, where English 101 instructors push the text, through anthologies that have included it, or the book itself. He was a bit more frequent on NPR 5 or so years ago, but not as much. As soon as affirmative action comes into play again, they'll call him back. Some say he's too flowery, something characteristic of minority English students. There are two other books that come to mind when I think of pulling this one up: Reality Hunger: A Manifesto and Ilustrado: A Novel. I'll be rereading Hunger of Memory shortly.


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