Lessons We Might Learn From History

I recently gave a short book talk on The Way of Improvement Leads Home to the Harrisburg area chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution. Just the other day I received a thank-you note from the vice-regent who asked me if I might suggest a book for this group to read together. Here is the pertinent part of her e-mail:

This leads me to a question which may be pertinent. When I mentioned that as the new Regent beginning in May, I was considering having an ongoing theme, “The lessons for today that we can learn from history” or a similar more concise statement. One member gave me the name of a book she had read and enjoyed, “The Five Thousand Year Leap, 28 Great Ideas that Changed the World” by W. Cleon Skousen. As I read the reviews, I realized that it was definitely from a very conservative perspective and could not stand alone as a guide. If you could recommend any book from an opposing view, I would appreciate your suggestion.

I am turning to my readers for help. Can anyone think of a book that the ladies at the Harrisburg DAR might read together related to their theme: “The Lessons for Today That We Might Learn From History?”