Should Glenn Beck Leave the Mormon Church?

Yes–if he takes his own advice seriously.

Brad Hart, a loyal reader of The Way of Improvement Leads Home, has done a little research. He posted this in the comments section of my last post on Beck, but I think it deserves its own separate post. Here is it:

Glenn Beck states:

“I beg you, look for the words ’social justice’ or ‘economic justice’ on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words. Now, am I advising people to leave their church? Yes!”

Well, let’s see how his own standard applies to his Mormon faith:

“It is unfortunate that it is taking so long to bring full ECONOMIC JUSTICE to women. The feminization of poverty is both real and tragic. That is why you should work very hard to prepare for your future by gaining some marketable skills.”

~James E Faust, Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, September, 1986

“I wonder how much we offend Satan if the proclamation of our faith is limited only to the great humanitarian work this church does throughout the world, marvelous as these activities are. When we PREACH THE GOSPEL OF SOCIAL JUSTICE, no doubt the devil is not troubled. But I believe the devil is terribly offended when we boldly declare by personal testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he saw the Father and the Son; when we preach that the Book of Mormon is another witness for Christ; when we declare that there has been a restoration of the fulness of the gospel in its simplicity and power in order to fulfill the great plan of happiness.”

~James E. Faust, September, 1995

And the Mormon Tabernacle Choir being honored for, “The achievements of those who beautify the world, especially in the fields of religion, social justice, and the arts.”

And from the Book of Mormon itself:

From the Book of Alma 1: 27-28, 30:

“And they did impart of their substance, every man according to that which he had, to the poor, and the needy, and the sick, and the afflicted; and they did not wear costly apparel, yet they were neat and comely.

And thus they did establish the affairs of the church; and thus they began to have continual peace again, notwithstanding all their persecutions.

And thus, in their prosperous circumstances, they did not send away any who were naked, or that were hungry, or that were athirst, or that were sick, or that had not been nourished; and they did not set their hearts upon riches; therefore they were liberal to all, both old and young, both bond and free, both male and female, whether out of the church or in the church, having no respect to persons as to those who stood in need.”

And Mosiah 4: 16-19:

“And also, ye yourselves will succor those that stand in need of your succor; ye will administer of your substance unto him that standeth in need; and ye will not suffer that the beggar putteth up his petition to you in vain, and turn him out to perish.

Perhaps thou shalt say: The man has brought upon himself his misery; therefore I will stay my hand, and will not give unto him of my food, nor impart unto him of my substance that he may not suffer, for his punishments are just—

But I say unto you, O man, whosoever doeth this the same hath great cause to repent; and except he repenteth of that which he hath done he perisheth forever, and hath no interest in the kingdom of God.

For behold, are we not all beggars? Do we not all depend upon the same Being, even God, for all the substance which we have, for both food and raiment, and for gold, and for silver, and for all the riches which we have of every kind?”

4 thoughts on “Should Glenn Beck Leave the Mormon Church?

  1. “When we PREACH THE GOSPEL OF SOCIAL JUSTICE, no doubt the devil is not troubled.”

    ~James E. Faust, September, 1995

    My reading of this is that Faust is not praising it. He goes on to praise preaching the theology of Mormonism.

    Faust's mention of “economic injustice” was about women, something I'd think even beck would admit existed in the past.

    “Social” and “economic” justice today is code for redistributionism, European-style “social democracy.” And that's what Beck's on about. Whether Mormonism supports that, I do not know, but these quotes don't make a case against beck on their face.

    If the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was honored by some other group for helping “social justice” [for what reason I'd sure like to know] that does not mean that Mormonism embraces the politics of the left that Beck's railing about.

    Now, if the Mormon Church does embrace them, that would come as a surprise to me. The Christian charity of the Books of Alma and Mosiah is no different than that of the Beatitudes, nor is the church's social work in the Mormon texts any different than the charitable work of most Christian denominations.

    If these scriptures are an argument for government redistibrutionism as “economic justice,” then the texts should just say, “Go thee to the rich man's house, take all his stuff, and give it to the poor.”

    But they don't say that. Gentlemen, I'm not feeling the argument here, nor see how the source texts back it.


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