Will the Next C.S. Lewis Please Stand Up?

Dan Reid has a short post at the InterVarsity Press blog about evangelicals’ obsession with finding “the next C.S. Lewis.” (HT). Is it Tim Keller? Is it N.T. Wright? Was it the late Stanley Grenz? Reid writes:

It puzzles me why we think there will be or must be or should be another C. S. Lewis. Is it a nervous tick of recent orthodox or evangelical faith, this impulse to look for or identify another C. S. Lewis? Is it motivated by the idea that somehow, if C. S. Lewis were to show up, he would have all the answers and would slay the dragons of modernity or postmodernity? Is it a swooning over the perceived romance of Oxbridge life or Anglicanism? Or is it just editors thinking how great it would be if they discovered this new anointed one?