Why Is This Blog So Cutting Edge?

Is it because of our probing look at early American history? Or our spirited discussions of academic life? Or maybe our insightful Springsteen coverage? What about our series of posts on historical thinking or what to do with a history major or the historical profession? Could it be our analysis of the “Christian America” phenomenon? No–it must be because we are the only blog dedicated to the life of Philip Vickers Fithian? Perhaps it is the blatant self-promotion of The Way of Improvement Leads Home (which by the way, makes a great last minute Christmas gift!).

OK, perhaps my title for this post is a bit over the top. The subject matter of this blog is probably a bit too arcane to garner the kind of audience that The Huffington Post,” “The Daily Dish” or “Religion in American History” attracts.

But having said that, we do cover a subject–religious history–that a recent study by the American Historical Association has shown is the most studied topic among its members. This “religious revival” has also attracted the attention of the folks at Inside Higher Ed. Check out today’s edition.