Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things on-line that caught my attention this week:

Boston 1775 tries to pin down the religious beliefs of John Adams.

Nominate us for a Cliopatria Award.

Remembering the Boston Tea Party at the Old South Church.

Ten best jobs for college students.

Springsteen: E-Street Band is not done.

Village Voice interviews Ronald Sider about the Manhattan Declaration.

Michael Lind: Can populism be liberal? And Historiann responds.

Is the Manhattan Declaration a waste of everyone’s time? John Stackhouse thinks so.

John Turner on Robert J. Norrell’s Up From History: The Life of Booker T. Washington. And James LaGrand reviews it too.

Jill Lepore reviews Gordon Wood, Empire of Liberty. Jay Winik reviews it here.

Robert Darnton on Google Books.

Edge of the American West: The banality of book reviews.