Special Thanksgiving Odds and Ends

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy some of these Thanksgiving-related pieces from the web.

Do the Pilgrims need a new look? Randall Stephens thinks so.

Barack Obama’s Thanksgiving Day Proclamation. And E.J. Dionne on how it is already being attacked.

The Wall Street Journal chronicles the arrival of Pilgrims at Plymouth.

A thanksgiving reflection from an Indian militants.

Did capitalism save the Pilgrims? Steven Malanga thinks so.

How to digest a historic feast. (Washington Post).

Thomas Jefferson, religious liberty, and why he did not issue Thanksgiving proclamations.

Will you unplug for Thanksgiving?

The Emancipation Proclamation, Thanksgiving, and sweet potatoes.

Larry Tise on our Turkish-American Thanksgiving bird

History News Network’s “Hot Topics” on Thanksgiving

Gail Collins on the “traditional” presidential pardoning of the turkey.

Ayn Rand: We should thank ourselves and the creators of the iPhone on Thanksgiving.

How did the Pilgrims steal Thanksgiving from the Jamestown settlers?

Bill Kauffman: FDR was the “Grinch Who Moved Thanksgiving.” And guess why? Melanie Kirkpatrick also chimes in at the Wall Street Journal (Sorry, no link–WSJ won’t let me open the page).

A Chinese immigrant Thanksgiving.