The American Revolution in Huntsville

This is my first trip to Huntsville, Alabama. As I mentioned in my last post, I came here to conduct a Gilder-Lehrman Institute Junior Historian’s Forum on the coming of the American Revolution. My audience was 175 high school students from area schools.

Several highlights from the short trip:

1). I had forgotten that Huntsville was the home of the US Space and Rocket Center, the famed “Space Camp,” and a host of other NASA-oriented facilities and centers.

2). The students from the Huntsville schools were VERY impressive. They were by far the best prepared students I have ever taught in one of these forums. Kudos to their teachers. I am guessing that some of these bright students are the sons and daughters of real rocket scientists

3). It was a pleasure working with Kathy White of Gilder-Lehrman, my host for the lecture. We were supposed to work together in Boca Raton last December, but things did not work out. It was good to finally meet her.

4). I had a wonderful ride to the hotel with Rhonda, a secretary in the school district. We had a great chat about her experience as a member of the Church of Christ denomination.

My Gilder-Lehrman work is now over for the fall, unless of course the phone rings between now and December. I now have a book to finish!