Evangelicals and the Government Funding of Abortion

Dan Gilgoff at US News and World Report has an interesting piece on his blog about the way moderate evangelicals will respond if Obama’s healthcare plan provides government funds to support abortion.

It seems that many moderate and liberal evangelicals who support and advise Obama are not happy about a bill that would fund abortions. Joel Hunter, a member of Obama’s faith advisory council, worries that the public funding of abortion will “sink” the bill, but stops short of condeming the bill. In other words, he seems to be talking in purely political terms about it.

David Gushee of Mercer University is a bit more overt. He says that he and other pro-life evangelicals will be “very unhappy” if the healthcare bill provides funding for abortions.

Of course several pro-life Democrats, including John Murtha of Pennsylvania and former Tennessee football star Heath Schuler, are also opposed to the bill based on the possibility that it could allow for the funding of abortions.

Meanwhile the president is hemming and hawing about the issue with Katie Couric, talking about “micromanaging benefits” and “frameworks.”

In the end, I am afriad Joel Hunter is correct. If this healthcare bill allows for the funding of abortions it will not pass.