Exploring the Roots of American Evangelicalism

I am in Ft. Collins, Colorado this weekend. I have been invited by the Faith Evangelical Free Church to lead a two-day seminar entitled “Exploring the Roots of American Evangelicalism.” I am thrilled that an evangelical church is willing to sponsor such a workshop for their congregation. Evangelicals, as Mark Noll has reminded us, do not normally gravitate towards these kinds of topics.

Here is the schedule of lectures:

Friday, July 10
7-8:30pm: “The First Great Awakening and the Birth of American Evangelicalism”

Saturday, July 11
8:30-10:00am: “Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?”

10:30am-12:00: “How Did Evangelicalism Become America’s Religion?”

2 thoughts on “Exploring the Roots of American Evangelicalism

  1. John,

    Just finding this post – I'm with Phil. Any tapes or resources you can share from the seminar? Did you have an outline or list of resources? Be interested in how you put it all together!


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