Fourth of July Op-Eds

Here are some reflections on July 4th, courtesy of this weekend’s national newspapers and other outlets.

The New York Times offers three op-eds related to this patriotic season. Kathleen DuVal examines the way the American Revolution impacted Indians and slaves. Adam Freedman shows how the American Revolution cast British traditions in a new mold. John McCurdy on our bachelor founders.

The New Republic is running several old essays on the Founding Fathers, from Charles Beard to Gordon Wood.

William Bennett and John Cribb sing the praises of the Declaration of Independence.

Silvio Lacetti laments the loss of historical places to development.

Washington Post editorial: The rebellious opportunistic spirit of Americans.

Vic Henningson on what kind of government the Founders really wanted.

The Wall Street Journal celebrates David McCullough. (With a great shot of him working in his writing shed!).

Peter de Bolla on some “small falsehoods” about the Fourth of July.

An encrypted message to Thomas Jefferson is cracked.

Garrison Keillor: Unalienable rights include a decent potato salad.

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