Liberty University College Democrats: A Solution is Reached

Well, it looks as if Liberty University has solved their College Democrats problem. You may recall that the Jerry Falwell Jr. decided to remove the Democrats from the list of official student clubs because he was concerned about allowing the Democratic Party’s views on abortion and same sex marriage to have a voice on campus. I blogged about this here and here and here.

After much deliberation, the University has decided to change its policy on student-run political clubs. Beginning in the fall, NO student clubs connected to political parties will have official status. In other words, the Liberty College Democrats will no longer be an officially sponsored student club, but neither will the Liberty College Republicans. Both clubs, however, will be permitted to hold meetings on university property.

College Republicans around the country are not too happy about this decision.

While I would rather see both clubs receive official support, I think that this may be the best solution for a place like Liberty University.