Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things on the web that caught my eye this week:

Anne Applebaum on the makeover of Monticello.

April 2009 Perspectives asks historians to reflect on the 2008 presidential election and has a series of articles on teaching the history capstone course.

Faculty cuts at Covenant College.

I am not a Yankees fan, but I do like Yogi Berra.

Interactive feature on anonymous sketches of New York City after Lincoln’s assassination.

Washington Post coverage on Meacham’s “Christian America” article: here and here and here.

Ross Douthat reviews Stephen Miller’s Billy Graham and the Rise of the Republican South.

Historiann on Ed Linenthal and the Journal of American History.

Delwin Brown on the history of the religious left in America.

Thomas Frank on populism and tea parties.

Ben Carp’s wrap up on last week’s tea parties.

Sam Wineburg critiques the Teaching American History grant program.