PVF Fan Club Membership Drive

January begins our membership drive for the Philip Vickers Fithian Fan Club on Facebook. If you are on Facebook and have read The Way of Improvement Leads Home, or if you have not read the book but plan to read it soon, or if you are a fan of the blog, or if you have had a friend tell you about Fithian’s story and it sounds interesting to you, or if you were assigned the book in a course and liked it (or not), or if you have suffered through one of my lectures where I use Fithian’s diary to illustrate nearly every point I want to make about early American history, or if you live in Greenwich, NJ or the Northern Neck of Virginia, or if you are impressed at this blatant and shameful attempt to promote my book, then I would encourage you to go to Facebook and join the club.

The club is administered by me (I am actually looking for someone to take over the administration–if you are interested, send me an e-mail or Facebook note), but it was inspired by a few Fithian fans who were disappointed that there was no place for fans of his life and journals to “congregate.”

What are the privileges of membership, you ask? Not many. But let me make a pitch anyway: The Philip Vickers Fithian Fan Club is the only place on the web (or anywhere else for that matter) where fans of this great eighteenth-century diarist can meet to discuss his life. (All you need to do is write on the “Wall” and get things going). Members are occasionally offered discounted prices on The Way of Improvement Leads Home. (This is true–we actually had a pretty successful “sale” a few months ago). The Club also provides updates and news on all things Fithian.

Consider joining today!